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The Superiority Of Grass-proof Cloth

  • Release on:2020-05-25
I think a lot of people have seen grass-proof cloth(Agricultural Fabric Supplier), but many people don't know what is gray-black cloth. I think it is also called gardening fabric(Agriculture Mat Company). It is made of PP and anti-ultraviolet agent. It should be understood that many gardens planted on the sidewalk are easy to grow wild grass, and then the growth of wild grass will increase the gardener's human capital, so they choose to use grass weeds.

Agricultural Fabric Supplier, Agriculture Mat Company,  Agricultural Ground Cover On SalesAgricultural Fabric Supplier, Agriculture Mat Company,  Agricultural Ground Cover On Sales

This gray-black cloth curtain can reasonably avoid the formation of wild grass on the sidewalk, and can immediately help clear the water on the sidewalk, thereby ensuring that the green plants will not be drowned. Strengthen the control of total plant growth and ensure quality.

Based on the excellent air permeability and the water absorption rate of the weed-proof cloth(Agricultural Ground Cover On Sales) as the basis of the water flow, then the moisture of the soil layer of the farmland and plantation forest is reasonably maintained. Non-woven geotextile has a protective effect. It can reasonably prevent the growth and development of wild grasses on the soil surface and can resist punctures. This index is very high and can prevent the growth and development of wild grass by 150%. The use of weeding cloth can improve the deformation resistance of sidewalks in greenhouses, plantations, vegetable gardens, etc., improve the reliability of soil texture, and improve the sand quality, thereby benefiting farmers. Reasonably distribute, transmit or dissolve the concentrated ground stress to the outside to avoid the sand and soil of the plantation or greenhouse being damaged by external forces.