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Advantages of Anti-weed Cloth

  • Release on:2020-05-27
The grass-proof cloth(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Manufacturer) protects the upper and lower layers of sandstone, and the sand can reasonably prevent other dirt from penetrating into the planting soil layer to maintain the organic chemistry of the planting soil layer. Strain rate and independent movement can make farmland irrigation or precipitation basis, high water absorption-under the working pressure of soil and water, it can still maintain stable water absorption.

The advantage of the grass-proof cloth(Agriculture Mat Supplier) is that it can effectively prevent the growth of various wild grasses, and it has excellent leakage and air permeability, so that people can develop certain economic development of green plants and the gas at the root of certain crops. In addition, the anti-weed cloth(Agricultural Ground Cover Wholesale) also has a certain circulation, which can avoid the degradation of the soil and the formation of poor crop rhizomes, and avoid the rot of the roots of green plants and the formation of diseases on the ground cloth area.

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Then it is to reduce the demand for fertilizers, to avoid environmental pollution and to avoid the propagation of insects and the damage of unearthed insect relics and talents and animals that have overwintered in the soil layer to green plants, reduce the loss of people ’s property, and also allow the soil layer It is best to maintain the temperature of the layer, maintain the environmental humidity of the soil layer, and create a good specification for the theme of microbial strains in the soil layer, and then the grass-proof cloth can also accelerate the division of soil organic matter in the soil layer, and can Progressive soil layer bisects the water content of bangs.