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Surgical Gown Must Be Antistatic

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Surgical Gown Must Be Antistatic

2019-06-14 09:51:01
A surgical gown is a protective suit worn by a surgical researcher during surgery, experiment, and research. The main function is to isolate the bacteria, prevent infection, protect the doctor from being infected, and not cause secondary infection to the patient.

The materials used for disposable surgical gowns(SMS Non-woven Roll Wholesale) are: laminating non-woven fabric, pp non-woven fabric, sms non-woven fabric, and the colors are blue and green. So what do you need to pay attention to when wearing a surgical gown?

1, clean and tidy

It is well known that surgical gowns are worn by nurses and doctors in the operating room, and their environment is usually relatively demanding. Therefore, surgical gowns not only need to be cleaned, but also need to be disinfected.

Whether it is a nurse or a doctor, you must wear medical equipment prescribed by a medical institution when working in the operating room. You are not allowed to wear private clothing.

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2, surgical gowns generally have pockets, because the staff needs to place something. However, pockets are not free to store personal items and other unclean objects.

3, wearing a sterile surgical gown method is to gently shake the surgical gown, lift the sides of the collar, insert the hands into the sleeves, arms extended forward, assisted by the tour nurse, the arms crossed to lift the belt to the rear What are the requirements for surgery and surgical gowns? Tightened by the nurse behind him.

Non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Medical Disposables Supplier) are widely used in the medical industry and are generally used on many disposable items such as medical disposable surgical gowns(Non Woven Medical Products Manufacturer), shoe covers, gloves, and the like. However, we need to consider a static factor when choosing, because any fabric will generate static electricity after friction, etc., especially in the medical industry, because static electricity may cause some accidents. Therefore, we need to avoid these materials that cause static electricity when choosing.

For some places where the requirements for static electricity are strict, if you want to enter, we still choose the kind of anti-static clothing to enter. The anti-static clothing should be strictly in accordance with the instructions during the normal use and storage, otherwise it will reduce the anti-static of clothes. performance. For those who are damaged or for too long, we need to scrap in time to avoid irreparable losses. Safety is important for any industry, especially the medical industry. Because it is closely related to human life, we can't care about any small details.