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Should the meltblown cloth standard be set?

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Should the meltblown cloth standard be set?

2021-05-10 14:59:26
Regarding the problem of non-standard meltblown cloth(Electrostatic Meltblown Company) for masks, the essence is that there is a misunderstanding in understanding. The logic of the problem party is very simple: "masks are not qualified → melt blown cloth is not qualified → there is no standard for mask melt blown cloth", which is obviously suspected of throwing the pot. Let's not discuss complex market and legal issues such as meltblown cloth prices and speculation, but from a standard perspective.

First of all, it is an international practice to formulate standards from the perspective of end-use. As a terminal consumer product, masks should be standardized. Therefore, both my country and abroad have formulated standards and supporting testing methods for masks to ensure the quality and safety of mask products, and played an extremely important technical support role in this epidemic.

Secondly, the positioning of the National Bank Standard is different from that of the Group and Enterprise Standards, and all products cannot be formulated as National Bank Standards. This is also contrary to the requirements of the new standard system reform. The National Bank Standard and the Group Standard shall unify the technical matters in a relatively large range, and the standardization objects and coverage of the standards are much larger than that of the corporate standard. Masks use melt blown cloth as an important raw material for the production of masks(Electrostatic Filter Factory). Its performance needs to be specially designed and developed according to different masks. Its diversity and complexity are currently standardized and lack technical support. If the unification, simplification, coordination and optimization of standardization cannot be achieved, the necessity of standard formulation is worth discussing. From a foreign perspective, the international, national or public standards for meltblown cloth for masks have not yet been inquired, but it does not mean that other manufacturers do not have internal control technical requirements, and companies can do something. On the other hand, in terms of the relationship between meltblown cloth and masks, it is more of a technical and technological issue than a purely standard issue. If standardization is required, it is more practical to formulate corporate standards from the perspective of the enterprise.

Electrostatic Meltblown Company, Mask Fabric Vendor, Electrostatic Filter FactoryElectrostatic Meltblown Company, Mask Fabric Vendor, Electrostatic Filter Factory

Third, although masks(Mask Fabric Vendor) are small, they have high technical content. It is the result of the comprehensive application of multidisciplinary technologies such as medicine, physiology, materials science, and ergonomics. Masks of different types, functions and uses have different requirements for raw materials; masks of the same purpose and function can be realized by using different raw materials. You use meltblown cloth, I use polyimide aerogel film, you are disposable, I can reuse... You have your Zhang Liangji, I have my wall ladder. The technical iteration of masks may have just begun. Today, we will make the standard of melt blown cloth for masks. Will we make the standard of spunbonded cloth or filter membrane for masks tomorrow? Some people may say, don’t you see the standards set for "Earbands for Masks" and "Bridge of Nose Strips for Masks"? In fact, I want to say that it is never right for companies to formulate standards and issue their own main responsibilities, but whether they want to make them a national standard is a matter of great question. It is impossible to formulate national standards just because of the shortage of materials today, and the national standards must be formulated tomorrow for the component prices soaring. This is not convincing.

In addition, I would like to say a little more. Quality supervision is very important. However, limited and effective resources should be used more on end products. The so-called "morning bulls need to pull their noses". Of course, everyone is in favor of strictly rectifying illegal acts such as speculation, driving up prices, and making the country difficult to make money in accordance with the law, and safeguarding market fairness.

In summary, in view of the current technical achievements and experience, it is not recommended to formulate national or industry standards for "Meltblown Cloth for Masks"; enterprises are encouraged to formulate targeted sub-category standards to establish an organic matching relationship between meltblown cloth and masks; Group standards, please work harder on science and practicality, avoid embroidering your legs, do it and cherish it.