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SS non woven fabric has a good prospect in hospital

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SS non woven fabric has a good prospect in hospital

2018-03-06 14:25:58
Nonwovens are widely used in life. They are made of double layers of spunbond. They are stronger than monolayer and have a uniform surface. They are biased toward high-end areas in use and can be used as medical and health products and diapers in daily life.

SS non woven fabric compared to other non-woven fabrics in the more gentle texture, the raw material is polypropylene, the proportion of low, fluffy feeling better than cotton, feels it is relatively skin-friendly. ss non woven skin-friendly because it is relatively soft, she is composed of many small fibers, all composed of fiber non woven breathable relatively strong, to keep the fabric dry and easy to clean. It is a non-irritating, non-toxic product that is environmentally friendly and meets the food-grade ingredients, without adding any chemical to human skin. Because ss non woven fabric has the following characteristics can be antibacterial, does not produce moth-eaten and can isolate the presence of bacteria and parasites inside the liquid invasion, it is widely used in medical and health. Medical non-woven fabric is a number of textile fibers and filaments for web structure using a certain degree of thermal bonding or chemical methods of reinforcement, advantages over other fabrics have advantages, first waterproof, thermal insulation, soft, filtration, etc. Cloth can not go beyond it.
There are many types of non-woven fabrics, ss non woven fabrics which belong to one of the more high-end, can be dedicated to some of the more demanding places. Nonwovens are also more classified, spunlaced nonwovens is one of them, it is a high pressure water jet on the fiber network, so that the fibers are mixed together, the network is more solid, heat the non-woven fabric is in the fiber The net is made of powder and then hot-melt, the cloth is firmer. Besides these two kinds, there are many kinds of products. People use it in all fields because of its different characteristics. However, the medical and hygienic industry is in the greatest demand.

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