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Nonwoven fabric for filtration of edible drinks

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Nonwoven fabric for filtration of edible drinks

2018-03-07 10:24:33
Speaking of cloth is certainly known to every family, from the ancient times beginning there is weaving this skill, the fairy tale Weaver is not in the industry, in the modern society is very different kinds of cloth, non woven fabric which is one of them, and inside there is a filter that can be used to filter non woven fabrics, non woven fabric drop some unwanted impurities.

There is also a non woven fabric called non woven fabric, which is a kind of fabric that can be formed without weaving. This kind of fabric is simple and quick in manufacture and has a wide range of use. The non woven fabric adopts the physical method to bind fiber, will not be the same as other cloth will be sliding silk, or wire head, nonwovens use a wider range, because of its lightweight, convenient, breathable non-toxic antibacterial, which is widely used inside the furniture industry as a mattress, decoration, furniture life can be used to make lining cloth, and the medical treatment can be used as disposable masks, sheets, surgical gowns and the like. When entering the beauty salons, the beauty salons will now use non woven bags as gift boxes, which is environmentally friendly and economical. Home use can also be used as non woven filter, usually like to drink juice soy milk friends will know that there will be a machine after the production of fruit sediment, this time using non woven filter these things filtered out, the juice looks more transparent, children are more suitable, children drink without impurities convenient.
In addition to filter non woven fabrics, non woven fabrics in the environmental protection has made a significant contribution, because most of the non-woven raw materials are polypropylene, so the use of non woven fabrics more environmentally friendly, polypropylene chemical structure is weak, with over time, the molecular chains break quickly, break down quickly, and are non-toxic after decomposition.

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