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SMS Nonwoven Process - Offline Composite Process

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-08-03
Off-line composite process refers to the first by the spunbond and meltblown two processes were made spunbond cloth and meltblown cloth, and then through the composite equipment will be two non-woven fabric together to form SMS composite nonwovens, the so-called two Footwork SMS. Offline composite SMS to go through three processes, the first spunbond production line from the production of spunbond cloth from the meltblown production line to produce meltblown cloth, and then two layers of spunbond cloth sandwich a layer of meltblown cloth, through a special heat Rolling compound machine hot rolling or ultrasonic bonding into SMS composite nonwovens.

Offline composite production SMS products have the advantage of small investment, quick, high flexibility, suitable for small order production, through the composite meltblown nonwovens high content of products to improve the composite water pressure performance. Offline composite production of SMS products is the disadvantage of its product performance is not ideal, such as the production of separate meltblown cloth, because there is no supporting role of spunbond, melt blown process is difficult to adjust flexibly, it is difficult to improve product permeability, And other properties; at the same time due to the low strength of the meltblown cloth, after the tensile drawing of the 3D structure is easy to melt, so off-line composite SMS products in the melt blows is difficult to drop the weight of the product barrier and anti-static The hydraulic capacity is also slightly lost by the meltblower. This composite SMS products, its uniformity is difficult to get control. In addition, off-line composite production of SMS products, after 3 times the bonding, the product greatly reduced the permeability.

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