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SMS Nonwoven Process - Online Composite Process

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SMS Nonwoven Process - Online Composite Process

2017-08-02 10:58:59
Online composite process

The on-line composite process means that the SMS compound can be achieved by spunbond and meltblowing equipment on the same production line, the so-called one-step SMS. In the same production line, at the same time with two spunbond spinneret and a meltblowing die, first by the first spunbond spinneret filament forming the first layer of fiber, and then through the meltblown die in the Forming a second layer of webs, and then forming a third layer of web by a second spunbond spinneret. The three-layer web is bonded by a hot rolling mill, and finally, the SMS nonwoven fabric is formed by winding the winding machine.

On-line composite SMS production line, combined with two different network technology, the production process has many advantages and flexibility. For example, according to the performance requirements of products, free to adjust the proportion of spunbond layer and meltblown layer; products with good permeability; can produce low-weight products; product filtration performance and anti-hydrostatic pressure better. However, there are shortcomings such as large investment cost, long construction period, difficult production technology and large power consumption loss, so it is not suitable for small order production. From the production efficiency, because the melt-blown production speed is low, so to ensure that the quality and performance of SMS products must sacrifice spun yarn speed. In order to solve this problem, has been developed SMMS / SMMMS and other multi-melt spray head production line, by increasing the number of meltblown die to increase productivity.