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Guangdong Litchi Export - Nonwoven Bagging

2017-08-04 17:08:39

There are "Lingnan fruit king" and other reputation of Guangdong litchi, sold to the international market and domestic provinces of the road rugged, because there are four major problems in the production and marketing process: First, the fruit pedicle is often pedunculated borers;The use of pesticides is caused by "pesticide residues exceeded"; third is intolerance storage and preservation, shelf life after the short; How to eliminate the "four difficult" has always been the problem of agricultural work.

In view of this, the South China Agricultural University Horticultural College, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences South Subtropical Crop Research Institute and other 10 scientific research units of the joint agricultural experts to carry out the "litchi fruit bagging cultivation technology" research. Select a breathable, translucent, durable white non-woven fabric made lychee fruit bag, the price is more than twice the price of ordinary lychee. In the lychee first physiological fruit after the end of the fruit bagging, and with a special seal the mouth of the pocket to complete the bagging operation, until the fruit ripe together with the bagging together. Open bagging, which actually "change" out of all beautiful and beautiful, pollution-free, in line with export "green food" standard, both inside and outside pinnacle of high quality litchi to. Small bagged into lychee "protective god" Why small bagging has this magical function? And listen to Huanong University Horticultural Dean Chen Yiyuan his right: spray pesticides will cause fruit pollution dyed and lead to export restrictions, farmers have been facing this "push the device" dilemma. Now the ear after bagging, the first effective to prevent the pedicle borer into the frost and mold fungal infection, breakthroughs in one fell swoop the "fruit insects", "pesticide residues" these two "bottleneck". Bagging can significantly increase the soluble protein content of the peel and thicken the wax layer, improve the water retention capacity of the peel, and the fruit surface mechanical damage to avoid, which is lychee to long-distance preservation of storage and transportation guarantee. Transparent white non-woven bags can make the light into the fruit coloring evenly, peel bright red, bright color, so as to "sell" become beautiful. Bagging and can promote lychee early 5 to 10 days mature, grab the morning market price per kilogram increased by 2 to 4 yuan.