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Protective effect of disposable face masks

  • Release on:2020-03-18
Having a good filtering power is the basis to ensure that the mask has a protective effect. The gap between the mask and the face is not good, and the gap will occur, and the air flow resistance of the gap is much smaller than the filter material. According to fluid mechanics, the air flow will preferentially pass from the place where the resistance is small, so no matter how good the filtering effect of the mask is The protective effect of the mask(Nurse Face Mask Company) will not be very high. Therefore, the tightness of the dust mask is an important condition for ensuring the protective effect of the mask. The tightness of the mask(Nose Mask On Sales) is generally indicated by the total leakage rate, that is, under the conditions of laboratory regular inspection, when the subject inhales, the concentration of the mimic agent and the inhalation of all the mask components including the filter element leaking into the mask The percentage ratio of the concentration of the imitating agent in the air, the lower the total leakage rate, the higher the adhesion. Therefore, the better the adhesion of the mask, the better the ventilation function of the mask, so that the air can pass through the mask to meet the breathing needs of people. Conversely, the worse the adhesion, the less necessary the breathability of the mask. The mask with good ventilation function requires the mask to have a good adhesion to a certain extent, so as to ensure that the mask has a high protective effect.

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The most important quality of masks is the protection against harmful substances. The quality of the mask is mainly reflected in the filtering power of harmful substances, the degree of adhesion with the face and the wearing comfort. It can be inferred from the correlation between the permeability of the mask(Earloop Face Mask Wholesale) and the filtering power and adhesion that its permeability will affect the protective performance of the mask to a certain extent, that is, its quality. The wearing comfort of the mask is mainly expressed in that the breathing resistance is small, the weight is light, it does not irritate the skin, and the wearing and cleaning aspects depend on the breathability of the fabric material or the breathability of the mask. If the ventilation function is good, the comfort of the mask is high, and the filter power and the adhesion are required to be high to ensure its quality. On the contrary, when the ventilation function is poor, in order to ensure the protective effect of the mask, its comfort will be reduced, that is, the quality is poor. Therefore, the breathability of the mask directly affects the comfort of the mask, indirectly affects the filtering power and adhesion, and then affects the quality of the mask.