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Analysis of the filtering function and ventilation function of protective face mask

  • Release on:2020-03-16
The protective effect of the mask is mainly based on the filtering effect of the mask(Nose Mask Manufacturer) on the harmful substances. The high filtering power of the mask on the harmful substances is good for the purification of the air. The healthier the air drawn by the human body, the better the protective effect of the mask(Nurse Face Mask Wholesale). The worse. The national table has clear rules for the filtering power of masks in different categories. For example, in the technical request of GB19083-2010 medical protective masks [5], the filtering power of masks used in the medical environment mainly refers to filtering air. Floating non-oily particulate matter, including viral blood, droplets, secretions, etc. The filter element of this type of mask separates particles of different particle sizes through interception effect, diffusion effect, gravity effect, inertial effect and electrostatic effect. However, there is always such a particle size that cannot be completely filtered, so the filtration of medical masks Power first tests this most difficult-to-filter particle size to get one of the most useful test results.

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For a mask to have a certain comfort, it must have a certain ventilation function. In theory, the difference between the ventilation function of a mask and the filtering power of the mask has a certain correlation. When the breathing function of the mask is extremely poor, the mask itself blocks the entry of foreign substances into the mask, and then plays a protective effect and does not depend on the filtering power of the mask(Nurse Face Mask Factory), but it also has the lowest comfort level and is not suitable for human wear. When the breathability of the mask is good, the material exchange in the surface of the mask is more frequent, which requires higher filtering efficiency of the mask, so as to satisfy the high-frequency material exchange, the mask can filter out the harmfulness in the air to the maximum limit Substances enter the human body, thereby providing a protective effect. The ventilation function of the mask and the filtering power must have a good matching degree in order to play a very good protective effect, and to establish a model between the ventilation function of the mask and the filtering power, it is particularly necessary to find the relationship between the two.