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Please try to use non woven shopping bags for shopping

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Please try to use non woven shopping bags for shopping

2017-07-18 14:13:28
In the 21st century, shopping has become a fashion. And the shopping bags became to a fashion too. Although only an ordinary shopping bag, a lot of people will naturally use their own shopping bags pay attention to up. Previously used a disposable plastic bags, but by the impact of the environment and the state of non woven bags to promote the protection of the majority of people have developed their own habit of non woven bags. Have to say that this is a good habit, worth training. However, some people still trouble, preferring to spend money to buy plastic bags, do not want to bring their own non woven bags to shop. Therefore, this type of people's environmental awareness, or to be improved.

A small plastic bag on the environmental hazards can not be underestimated. A person with, may not have any effect. Once it reaches a certain size, it is really terrible. Today, environmental pollution, white pollution is one of the serious sources of pollution. And we usually use the disposable plastic bags are made of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride for the material processing, and a large part of plasticizers, phthalates and other environmental hormones, under high temperature conditions will A chemical reaction occurred. Resulting in harmful substances to the human body. The toxicity of lead phthalate to the human body is very large. Especially for the human reproductive health and immune function have a very serious impact. Long-term consumption of this plastic bag of food, especially cooked food and hot food, will give people the health of the harm can not be underestimated. Therefore, to do the use of plastic bags, we are obliged. And the waste of plastic bags are still living in our environment, in natural conditions is difficult to degrade. Over time, not only for our human living environment has a great impact on our crops, the growth of liquid will cause a great impact, resulting in crops in the absorption of nutrients and moisture, to prevent plant photosynthesis, a direct impact on the crop Yield. However, discarded in the land and the water in the waste plastic products, many animals will be mistaken for food and lead them to eat, at present, there have been many such examples. What dolphins eat the toys in the water ball, the Grizzlies eat discarded on the land of broken bags and so on. This series of examples, I do not know how many times happened. Such things, in the nature reserves, zoos, pastoral areas, the sea and other places common.

Now in the garbage disposal, landfill this way is very unsatisfactory. Because in our living garbage, there are a lot of plastic products. The plastic bags in the garbage accounted for a large proportion. Therefore, in the process of landfill, not only will cause a lot of land occupied, at the same time, landfill garbage place, it is difficult to grow plants, and this to the environment impact is how much? Thus affecting the sustainable use of land.

In order to better protect our environment, so that our environment becomes more beautiful, Guangzhou Junqian Nonwoven Co., Ltd. in this advocate you away from plastic bags. Love the environment, from everyone to start. Cherish the environment, from the use of non woven bags to start. Shopping, put an end to the use of disposable plastic bags.