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Are disposable panties clean?

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Are disposable panties clean?

2017-07-19 10:24:37
Currently on the market sales of regular brand disposable panties.There are non-woven fabric and cotton cloth. The factory will be carried out before the UV disinfection or ethylene oxide disinfection. A one-time underwear company professional staff said, the disposable panties in the factory, will be concentrated in the closed UV disinfection room disinfection, and then the last link --- packaging. During this period, the operation of the staff have also been strictly disinfected: wear all the UV disinfection of clothing, wear disinfection masks, for special shoes, to ensure that after the disposable panties will not be re-pollution.

Of course, the current market quite a mixed bag, a small workshop in the production of disposable panties can also see the person in charge to remind consumers, purchase attention to three points: one to recognize whether the national health permit number, do not have to buy. Second look outside the packaging, if damaged, do not buy, to choose a tight package and clear writing. Third, try to buy cotton, the disinfection time than non-woven long
Disposable panties since it is safe, whether it can be used for a long time? A doctor told reporters that one-time panties can wear, but not wear the more the better. "For patients with vaginitis and other gynecological inflammation, I encourage them to wear qualified one-time panties." A doctor explained that the treatment of gynecological inflammation, the panties cleanliness requirements are high, the patient every day to replace the new panties help medications. A physician also believes that for travel to the remote mountainous areas, or clothing is difficult to dry after washing the place, one-time panties is also a good choice.