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Non woven microfiber leather substrate for high-grade artificial leather escort

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-27
Non Woven microfiber leather substrate for high-grade artificial leather escort

Natural leather due to the flexible, breathable, wear-resistant, folding, beautiful, and has easy to modify and shape the performance, it is essential for high-grade shoes. But its physical properties are relatively poor, uneven weight, not alkali, and expensive, and limited resources, low utilization rate, the production process is not environmentally friendly, chromium and formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the leather, leather bags, leather , furniture leather, automotive interior leather and other fields have gradually been replaced by artificial leather.

In recent years, two-component spunbond spun lace non-woven ultra-fine leather fabric as raw materials for the production of high-grade artificial leather, forming a similar three-dimensional structure of natural leather, with light weight, high strength, uniform quality resistance to aging friction, anti-entanglement, feel rich and soft, good processing performance, the cut rate is high, the variety of changes and more characteristics, and in the resilience, strength, water, mildew, cold, wear and other properties beyond the leather, ideal for natural leather substitutes.

One step + two components

China is the world's artificial leather, synthetic leather production and consumption power, has developed to 80% of the global market share of production, ranking first in the world, but the current production capacity of China's ultra-fine leather about 120 million square meters, only 3% , And Japan's ultra-fine fiber artificial leather accounted for 85% to 90% compared to the proportion of China is far apart.

It is understood that the current domestic "ultra-fiber leather" manufacturing technology has matured, are used staple fiber + open, carding + acupuncture two-step production process production of ultra-fiber leather.

To overcome the disadvantages of natural leather

What is the two-component spunbond spunlace non-woven microfiber leather cloth? In fact, two-component ultra-fine fiber spunbond spunlace non-woven fabric is used in filament spunbond and spunlace combination of the production process, the two polymers PET / PA6 to a certain composite ratio, the conjugated spinning , Air drawing, paving, spunlace, dry, calendering, winding, the production of a new non-woven fabric. The main process is in the two-component spunbond nonwovens in the use of spunlace stripping technology, hollow orange-shaped ultra-fine fiber filament after the Road after the spun, completed the opening, consolidation, forming a two-component super Fine fiber spunbond nonwoven fabric.

The production of high-grade artificial leather with ultra-fine fiber spunlace non-woven fabric as raw material, because it forms a more dense and messy three-dimensional structure than ordinary synthetic fiber, the leather can be made to achieve the degree of fake, and peel strength and folding fastness Greatly improve, to overcome the natural leather easily moldy, brittle, strong not high shortcomings, to achieve the natural leather is difficult to have excellent performance. Therefore, the ultra-fine fiber spunlaced non-woven fabrics can meet the needs of shoes, luggage leather, sofa leather, automotive interior leather and other areas of demand for clothing leather provides a good foundation and development space, is the field of non-woven applications the upgrading of products.