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Non-woven fabric as a medical textile field and demand

  • Release on:2020-07-20
The use of non-woven fabrics in the medical field can be traced back to World War II, when there was a demand for new and large numbers of medical products. In several published reports, non-woven fabric is considered the most effective bacterial barrier material. They have also been found to be superior to flax in reducing airborne pollution.

After significant development of non-woven materials(Waterproof SMS Non Woven On Sales), their design methods can meet medical needs and are much better than similar woven products in terms of cost, effectiveness, and handleability. In hospitals, cross-contamination is always one of the bigger problems. This is mainly due to the repeated use of woven gowns, masks and other similar items, which can be contaminated and may spread bacteria. The advent of nonwovens has promoted the development of more cost-effective alternatives that are disposable and greatly reduce cross-contamination issues.

Why choose nonwovens for medical products?

Waterproof SMS Non Woven On Sales, SMS Non Woven Supplier, Disposable Medical Fabric ManufacturerWaterproof SMS Non Woven On Sales, SMS Non Woven Supplier, Disposable Medical Fabric Manufacturer

Nonwovens(SMS Non Woven Supplier) are known for providing excellent performance in special tasks because they can be designed according to the requirements of the application. The characteristics that make non-woven fabrics a better choice for medical products are:

1. Excellent barrier properties

2. High efficiency

3. Better performance (comfort, thickness and weight, water vapor transmission rate, breathability, etc.)

4. Enhanced protection for users (better physical properties, such as stretch, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.)

5. Less possibility of cross contamination

Wound care was and is still the main use of medical and surgical non-woven fabrics(Disposable Medical Fabric Manufacturer). Nonwovens can find applications in a variety of products. Absorbent pads, incontinence products, clothing for patients and staff. Baby diapers, bed sheets and blankets, burn dressings, nightgowns, disposable underwear, dressings, drug delivery devices, masks, filter media, nose stickers, pillows, shoe covers, sponges, sutures, tissue supports, towels, duvet covers, etc.

These products can be effectively used in ambulances, medical beds, ICUs, laboratories, operating rooms, wards, etc.