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Non-woven Geotextile Drainage Effect

  • Release on:2020-05-29
When using non-woven geotextiles(Geotextile Fabric Supplier), the geomembrane must pay attention to one level that is the difficulty of the natural environment. When you see it from the natural environment level, you can ensure that the natural environment can be very suitable. At this level, it is necessary for everyone to see the difference in this kind of raw materials. Then, when choosing, the level that everyone can see will be a different level.

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From the time when the (China Non Woven Geotextile Supplier)non-woven geotextile's own use is very good to analyze, there are still many appropriate instructions for use, so customers can choose the appropriate specifications from such a level, such as whether it is very In the case of high temperature, since high temperature will obviously reduce the choice of this level, indeed this level will be part of this difference.

Containing a reasonable basis for the entire process of flowing soil particles, sediment, small sand and stone materials, etc. After considering the anti-green engineering project, it is more useful to maintain the reliability of the geotechnical project in the future. Many non-woven geotextiles are in After the construction of the project, it has excellent drainage pipeline effect, and there is a safe passage of drainage pipelines inside the farmland to avoid the formation of blockages due to incomplete drainage of water and steam. Non-woven geotextile (Polyester Felt Sheet Factory)should be selected, and polyester non-woven geotextile should also be used. Improve the tensile resistance of the land, and the characteristics of its ability to deform work, improve the quality of farmland and the strength of farmland.