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Non-woven Breathability Test Analysis

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Non-woven Breathability Test Analysis

2017-11-13 11:36:52
Breathability is an important part of fabric permeability. The breathability of the fabric is essentially related to the size of the open space between the fibers in the fabric. Fabric on the same use of non-fine fiber non-woven fabrics require different ventilation functions. For example, cotton spunlace non-woven fabric is a common day in the fabric, everywhere, in the public eye is spunlace non-woven manufacturers have always been very good environmental information, with very good hygroscopicity and breathability, a wide range Used in thermal insulation puncture non-woven sound materials, absorbent linoleum, tobacco filters, bags and other tea bags. Breathability test is mainly used to test the membrane, air permeability test the first test of porous materials, such as non-woven fabrics.

Non-woven primary purpose:

(1) Non-woven medical and cleaning cloths: surgical gowns, protective clothing, sterile cloth, masks, diapers, civil wipes, wipes, wet wipes, trick towels, towel rolls, beauty products, Pad and disposable cleaning cloth.

(2) Home decoration with non-woven fabrics: wall stickers cloth, tablecloths, bed linen, bedspreads and so on.

(3) Garments with non-woven fabrics: fabrics, bonded lining, flakes, stereotypes cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather at the end of cloth.

(4) Industrial non-woven fabrics; filter materials, insulation materials, cement bags, geotextiles, cloth cover and so on.

(5) Non-woven agricultural use: crop maintenance cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, curtain insulation and so on.

Experimental principle

The test method of air permeability mainly includes two kinds, namely, steady pressure differential flow measurement and steady flow pressure differential measurement. During which the steady pressure differential flow measurement method is to adhere to the sample on both sides of the steady pressure, through the test in a certain period of time through the sample given area of ​​the air flow, calculate the sample air permeability; steady flow pressure measurement law Is to send straight through the sample air flow steady, after the test under the conditions of the pressure on both sides of the sample, get the sample air permeability. The detection process of this paper uses a stable differential pressure measurement method.

Experimental process

(1) Randomly take out 10 pieces of specimens with the diameter of 50 mm (the diameter of the sample can be selected according to the specific situation) randomly from the appearance of the medical non-woven fabric sample.

(2) take a sample during the installation in the air volume tester, the sample is flat, no deformation, and sealed on both sides of the outstanding.

(3) Set the pressure difference on both sides of the sample according to the air permeability of the sample or relevant specifications, the pressure difference set in this experiment is 100 Pa. Conditioning pressure control valve, adjust the pressure on both sides of the sample, when the pressure reaches the set value, the experiment stopped. The device automatically reveals the gas flow through the sample at this moment.

(4) repeated loading, conditioning pressure control valve operation, until the end of 10 test samples.

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