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Garden Lawn Ecological Slope Spray Green Non-woven

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-11-10
Garden Lawn Ecological Slope Spray Green Non-woven

Material: PP
Common weight: 12g per square, 15g per square, 18g per square, 20g per square, 25g per square, 30g per square
Common width: 1.2m / 1.6m / 2.6m / 3.2m (other width can be determined according to customer requirements)
Color: white / grass green
Uses: highway, railways greening works on both sides of the slope, mountain rock sowing grass planting, slope greening, urban lawn greening, lawn production and construction, green golf course, agriculture and gardening with non-woven
Features: green non-woven lawns green non-toxic, natural degradation within a certain period of time, without artificial removal, the survival rate of grass seedlings high, saving time and cost; green construction can be based on different regions of the topography, temperature, humidity , Wind speed, light time and other external factors choose different biodegradable period of non-woven regulations
grid level.
Note: with anti-aging, anti-UV, antibacterial and other three anti-inflammatory properties of a variety of

Packaging: waterproof plastic film roll packaging

For different terrain non-woven weight options:
1, urban green space, golf course and other flat terrain or slope of the smaller terrain: commonly used 12g / 15g / 18g / 20g white non-woven fabric or grass green non-woven fabrics, natural degradation time according to grass seedling choose different time.
2, highway, railway, mountain rock seeding landscaping slope larger: commonly used 20g / 25g lawn green non-woven, due to the larger slope, wind speed and other external environment, the need for non-woven toughness strong, difficult to tear the case of wind Cracking, seedlings can be selected according to the grass seedling and other requirements of the length of time degradation of non-woven fabrics.
3, nursery stock globe, nursery beauty US application of non-woven: commonly used white non-woven 20g, 25g, 30g non-woven, easy to ball transport packages, transplanting without the need to direct planting, saving time and effort, improve sapling survival rate.
Artificial turf construction shop non-woven fabric role;

Artificial lawn construction shop non-woven fabrics generally need no harmless cloth 15-25 grams of non-woven, with heat to prevent the rain when the grass seeds splashed from the soil inside, 15-25 grams of white non-woven fabric has the role of water vapor permeability, the next Rain and water when the water can be infiltrated into the soil inside, and the characteristics of non-woven fabrics have no damage to the soil biodegradable countries to promote environmentally friendly products, with wear-resistant, water-absorbent anti-static, good soft breathability The price is cheaper than straw curtains and so on.

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