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Modern Application and Market Development of Spunmelt Nonwovens

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Modern Application and Market Development of Spunmelt Nonwovens

2019-03-27 13:26:33
As the most cost-effective and highly flexible nonwoven technology, the market of spun-fused nonwovens has maintained strong growth. Although spunlace, acupuncture, hot air and thermal bonding areall in pursuit, spun-melt nonwovens Materials still account for the largest share of the entire market. Today, spunmelt nonwovens are moving towards amodern pace at a healthy pace, and every moment of progress is a reflection ofthe dynamism of this leading nonwoven technology.

Spunbonded nonwovens(PP Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer) are widely used andhave demonstrated superior competitive advantages in the fields of medical,hygiene and packaging. With the upgrading of consumer demand, the market putsforward higher and diversified requirements for non-woven products. Product development is more high-quality, functional and professional. The market promotion focuses on energy saving, green environmental protection.

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The most important market for spun-melt nonwovens(China PP Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) is disposable hygiene products. Increased global population aging,increased birth rates in some areas, increased market penetration and large increases in household income have become key factors in the growth of demand for disposable sanitary nonwovens, especially in countries and regions such asChina, India, and Africa. The market demand for related products has remained at a high level. In addition, industrial textiles made from spunbonded nonwovens are also widely used in architectural applications, home furnishing industrial protection and automotive interiors, and other high performance products.

The increase in the consumption of spunmelt nonwovens(PP Nonwoven Fabric Factory) has led to an increase in capacity utilization of upstream production lines. The new generation of spunmelt technology can provide higher throughput,finer fiber count, higher energy efficiency, and more intelligent digital process monitoring to produce higher technology materials. For example, the demand for ultra-low gram weight non-woven fabrics has driven the production capacity of new technology production lines to increase year by year; the demand for soft materials has accelerated the production capacity oftwo-component non-woven materials.