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Is the disposable bedsheet roll suitable for hospital use?

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Is the disposable bedsheet roll suitable for hospital use?

2022-04-14 13:39:39
Now the disposable bedsheet rolls are widely used in our daily
life, such as SPA, beauty salon, massage house,etc.

In hospital, people uses the cotton bedsheets regularly.
The cotton bedsheets can be washable and economic.
But now people want to use the bedsheets disposable and more

There are several kinds material can be produced to the disposable
bedsheet rolls(China disposable fitted massage table sheets supplier).
Such as pp spunbond fabric, PP+PE laminated fabri,sms
fabric,woodpulp fabric,etc.

For PP spunbond fabric bedsheet roll,it can produced to be
waterproof or hydrophilic as per your request.

For SMS bedsheet roll, the sms fabric is waterproof and can be
produced to be anti-alcohol,anti-blood,anti-static.The sms fabric
is widely used for medical draps and surgical gowns.

For the PP+PE film laminated fabric bedsheet roll, usually it is
made of 23 gsm pp spunbond fabric + 15 gsm PE film.
The breathable pp non-woven fabric can absorb liquid and prevent
the liquid outflow .
The PE film can prevent the liquid leakage and prevent bacterial

The disposable bedsheet roll(non woven ss bed sheets custom) is produced by the automatic machine
with accurate width and length.
When it is used in B-scan ultrasonography ,Electrocardiogram
department ,the doctor no need to change the bedsheet each time
and it can save time for the doctor.

The doctor can use the remote control to control the disposable
non-woven roll sheet, so that the sheet automatically rewind on
the paper tube, the two ends of the paper tube is smooth, no
scraps of paper, no pollution sheets.

The patient uses one piece per time and it can keep the
environment clean.

Disposable bedsheets (China non woven table bed cover factory)are very convenient to use and can be quickly
disposed after using.

Blue, pink and white are widely used for the disposable bedsheet

The sizes and colors can also be customized.

If you are interested in it , please contact us.