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what is the difference between white and black meltblown fabric?

  • Release on:2022-04-16
Because the covid-19 borke out in 2020, the medical masks are a big huge demand for our daily life.

Most of the medical masks are white/green/blule color, some masks are black color.

Usually for the light color mask, the inside is white color meltblown fabric.

And for black mask, the side is black meltblown fabric.

What is the difference between the two colors meltblown fabric(China meltblown fabric supplier)?

1.Raw material.

White meltblown fabric is produced by the polypropylene masterbatch,the color is milky translucent, so the fabric is also  white.

Black metlblow fabric is made by the masterbatch that contains carbon black. The more you add, the color will be darker black.

2.Filtration efficiency

For the white meltblown fabric ,the filtration can reach BFE 99% PFE95% or BFE99% PFE 99% based on 32L/min airflow under 0.3um NACL particulate matter.

For black meltblown fabric, the filtration can just reach BFE 99% PFE95% based on 32L/min airflow under 0.3um NACL particulate matter.

Both of the white or black meltblown fabric(n95 meltblown on sales) is widely usually used in 3 ply plain mask or KN95 mask.

The white meltblown fabric can be produced with better filtration efficiency than black meltblown fabric.

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