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Is ES fabric can be used in wet wipes?

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Is ES fabric can be used in wet wipes?

2022-04-07 11:00:56


The wet wipes are disposable hygiene products, it is widely used for business such as civil aviation, hotels, restaurants,exhibition and reception site, in recent years ,the living standard for people is rised, the wipes for personal consumption gradually increased, it is mainly used in the occasion when water supply inconvenient, and the cleanness for infant care .

Usually we use spunlace fabric to make the wet wipes, except the spunlace fabric, the ES thermal bond fabric (ES non woven fabric custom)is also a good choice for you.

The texture for ES fabric is smooth and without embossed pattern.
For wet wipe production, we need to use 35 to 50 gsm for spunlace for wet wipes.
And for ES fabric (China ES material supplier),we can just use 20 to 33 gsm ES fabric.
For lower gsm, ES fabric can save a certain cost than spunlace fabric.

We can add 10% - 50% viscose in the ES fabric to increase the water absorption function.
So the water absorbtion is very similar like the spunlace fabric.

When cutting the fabric, ES fabric is with less shrinkage percentage  than spunlace fabric.
And it is not easy to be lint than spunlace fabric,too.

The ES fabric also can be used in sanitary napkins, baby diapers, preventing side leakage and backing for adult incontinence pants, etc.

If you are interested in it(China ES non woven fabric on sales) , please contact me.