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Is the spunlace fabric suitable for wet wipes?

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Is the spunlace fabric suitable for wet wipes?

2022-04-01 16:01:45
Now the disposable wet wipes are widely used in our daily life,for example, it is used for baby care, for ladies to clean the makeup, for antiseptic wipes, etc.

The main components of wet wipes are non-woven fabric, water and additives.
The content of liquid medicine in wet wipes generally reaches about 80%.
If the content is too low, you will feel dry for the wet tissue.
On the contrary, if the content is too high, it will feel too wet and inconvenient to use.
Therefore, the non-woven fabric of wet towel needs to have a certain of water absorption function.

Spunlace fabric (China spunlace viscose polyester vendor) is a good choice for you.

The spunlaced non-woven fabric machine sprays high-pressure micro water ,it flows into one or more layers of fiber mesh to entangle the fibers with each other, so as to strengthen the fiber mesh and have a certain strength for the spunlace fabric.
The fabric can ensure a particularly soft and thick feel and also has a certain tensile strength.

Generally spunlaced fabric(microfiber spunlace nonwoven factory) is composed of polyester and viscose.
Usually there are three kinds patterns for the it, that is plain /mesh/pearl pattern.
The more viscose components, the better the water absorption.
But the price will also be higher.

We recommend the 35 to 60 gsm Spunlaced cloth as wet wipes.
Up to 50% or 70% viscose is better for the water absorbtion.
The thicker the cloth and the higher proportion of viscose, it will be the better quality for the wet wipes.

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