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How to use different colors of wrapping paper to set off flowers?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-09-21
The flowers themselves are strong enough.The clothes are generally simple and elegant. The pure color of the wrappingpaper has the highest utilization rate, especially the light color,highlighting the color of the flower itself.In different quarters, according tothe current popularity, some special patterns will be introduced.The gauzewrapping paper popular in Korea is the new darling of the current floralartists. Simple and stylish piping, it has always been very popular.

The choice and mix of wrapping paperdepends on the style of the bouquet and the amount of flower material(flower packing roll supplier) used. Forexample, the popular Korean bouquet in recent years, a bunch of flowersrequires multiple sheets of paper, and different types of paper can be used.Art paper, textured paper, and Sydney paper are used together. The color of theflower is fresh and the flower pattern is unique. The round paper andtranslucent film paper are selected to highlight the beauty of the floweritself. The single flower package pursues small and exquisite, and a piece ofart paper with Sydney paper, and then tied a bow, makes a sense of cuteness.The natural wind bouquet is full of wild interest, and the color film is dreamyand gorgeous. The two are paired together, like the grassland under the rainbowafter the rain.

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The wrapping paper(China household decoration nonwoven) used for a bunch offlowers is often not a single one, but also the primary and secondaryrelationship between the papers. For example: art paper, soft rubber paper,kraft paper, and film paper are usually used as the main paper materials, andSydney paper, wax paper, and cellophane are used as paper materials forinternal or external use.

Of course, the matching of the wrappingpaper(China Christmas wrapping paper supplier) is only recommended, there is no regulation, choose the right wrappingpaper, how to use it, how to match a bunch of flowers, all depends on personalpreference, just as good.

Why do flower shops love ugly wrappingpaper? On the one hand, it is the limitation of aesthetics and cognition.Flower shop owners and consumers are not too high-pursued: wrapping paper isnot important, such wrapping paper is not ugly; on the other hand, pricerestrictions, good wrapping paper is often more expensive.

Fortunately, the problem is two years ago.The flower industry and the scientific community are different in the past.There are more and more stylized and tasteful flower shops, and ugly wrappingpaper is getting less and less.