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Common wrapping paper on the market

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Common wrapping paper on the market

2018-09-20 14:43:48
In order to take a look at the wrapping paper, we interviewed a friend. (This is a design and development of a specialfloral costume.) As an insider, she revealed to me the inside story of a lot of wrapping paper, I will share it with you. The common wrapping papers on the market can be roughly classified into shapes, materials and colors (patterns).

By shape

The shape of the bouquet wrapping paper(floral packaging non woven company) isthe same as that of the paper towel. The paper is divided into paper and paper,and the wrapping paper also has sheets and coils.

Sheet: The size is fixed, a bundle off lowers is enough, but in recent years, the trend is that 6, 7 pieces ofwrapping paper wrap a bunch of flowers.

The most commonly used square sheet: round sheet, inspired by the arc of the costume, wrapped around the bouquet, like adancing skirt, layered.

Coil: Similar to cloth, the width of thedoor is fixed, the length is not limited, how much to use.

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By material

From the perspective of raw materials,there are three common types: pulp, film, and non-woven fabrics(China floral packaging non woven supplier). Simple pointscan be understood as paper, plastic, and cloth.

Pulp: Pulp is the basic raw material for papermaking. It is made of plant fiber. Most of the paper products on themarket are made of pulp, which is also a large category in bouquet wrapping paper.

Art paper: natural paper texture, fine handfeel, no general paper is easy to rot, easy to break, easy to wrinkle, fadecolor, the shape is better.

Soft rubber paper: softer and lighter thanart paper, the texture of the fiber is more delicate.

Kraft paper: It is light brown, has a retrofeel, and is tough and not easily deformed.

Wax paper: waxed on the surface, good waterproof and moisture resistance.

Sydney Paper: The translucent paper wrapped around Sydney, thin, crisp, moisture-proof and breathable. Wrapped Sydney paperis generally used with other wrapping paper for internal or external use.

Film type: Film packaging paper is like plastic, it is generally waterproof, and it does not worry that the flowerswill get wet when it rains. In addition to transparent light, there is also matte.

Non-woven fabrics: Non-woven fabrics(flower packing nonwovens manufacturer) are commonly used materials for environmentally-friendly shopping bags. They aresoft and light, easy to shape, and the flowers are also very good.