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How to prevent the landslide on the steep slope?

  • Release on:2019-10-11
Today, to understand how the anti-seepagemembrane prevents landslides on steep slopes? Let's understand.

The anti-seepage film is a geosynthetic material made of polyethylene particles as a raw material through a specialprocess, also known as a geomembrane, which has the characteristics of anti-seepage and isolation. The anti-seepage membrane is convenient toconstruct and can save 50% of the cost. As early as in the 1970s and 1980s,Europe used anti-seepage membranes(China Needle Punch Non Woven Fabric Factory) in various fields such as water dikes,chemical mining, hazardous waste treatment plants, and landfills. With China'semphasis on the increasingly severe ecological environment and the increasing awareness of the people's environmental protection, the anti-seepage film hasemerged as a rising star in various projects, which has been widely recognized and appreciated by everyone.

The application of anti-seepage film hasbecome a trend in landfills, garden planting, fish pond breeding, Dianchi Lake,tunnels and other projects.

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The anti-seepage membrane(PET Needle Punch Non Woven Fabric On Sales) is the key toanti-seepage in landfills, tailings dams and hazardous waste treatment landfills, and it is the most important. So how do you construct a steep slopewith a large landfill? The steep slope can be dug in the middle of the steepslope(Highway Nonwovens Wholesale) and then the anchoring trench is used for anchoring. The backfill ispre-buried and then 80 on the steep slope. 100cm again dug the anchor groove toanchor. Note: The geotechnical welding of steep slopes can be welded byescalators and scaffolding, and the welder technicians need to take safety measures. Before welding, test welding should be carried out first. Accordingto the climatic temperature, the temperature parameters of the welding equipment should be adjusted. The construction should be strictly checked. The damaged parts should be repaired immediately by extrusion welding, so that theycan exert good anti-seepage effect. This can effectively prevent landslide accidents.

Through the understanding of the aboveanti-seepage film, I hope to help you.