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Four Grass Planting Methods for Ecological Bag Greening

  • Release on:2019-10-10
There are four methods for greening grassin ecological bags:

1. Spraying method(Agricultural Shade Cloth Vendor). Seeds, fibrous materials, water retaining agents, binders, fertilizers, water, etc. are put into the water tank at a certain ratio, and are pressurized by a water pump tobe sprayed onto the sloped surface of the stacked ecological bag.

2, the insertion method(Agriculture Cover Manufacturer). The T-shaped small mouth is cut in the top surface of the ecological bag, and the plant is implanted into the bag body through the small mouth. Because the ecological bagcloth has the advantage that the crack does not extend, the influence on the slope protection effect is subtle. 

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3, mixed broadcast method(Agricultural Non Woven Fabric Wholesale). Mix the plant seeds and the soil to be filled into the ecological bag evenly, or add the grass seed layer to the ecological bag.

4, pressure broadcast method. Plant roots,shoots or plants are pressed between the gaps of the ecological bag.