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How to identify hot air non woven diapers and hot rolled non woven diapers?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2018-03-02
The surface is one of the main components of diapers, is also a very important part of the direct contact with the baby face, so the comfort of the face will directly affect the baby, Xiaobian today to tell you about hot air non-woven Cloth and hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, and how to identify.

1, the difference between hot air non-woven fabrics and hot-rolled non-woven fabrics

Hot-air non-woven and hot-rolled non-woven fabrics are mainly processed in different ways, hot-air non-woven fabrics are combed into fibers, the use of drying equipment on the hot air through the web, so that the heat can be bonded to produce non-woven cloth. Hot-rolled non-woven fabric refers to the use of a pair of hot rollers on the web heating, at the same time to a certain pressure thermal bonding generated non-woven fabric.

Hot air adhesive products with high bulk, good elasticity, soft, warm, breathable and water permeability, and other characteristics, but its lower strength, easy to deform.

Hot-rolled adhesive products with high yield, low cost, high hygiene, high strength, density and other characteristics, but the softness, poor air permeability.

Therefore, the general good diapers are used in the surface of the hot air non-woven, hot-rolled non-woven fabric is mainly used in the manufacture of medical and health, but there are many businesses in order to save costs will choose to use hot-rolled non-woven .

2, how to distinguish between hot air non-woven and hot-rolled non-woven it?

1) feel the difference

The most direct way is to touch your hand, hot air non-woven diapers, will feel softer, more comfortable, hot rolled non-woven feel it will be harder.

2) gently pull

Get diapers, gently pull the diaper surface, hot air non-woven can easily pull out the wire, hot-rolled non-woven hard to pull out the wire.

Hot air non-woven production technology requirements higher, the cost of manufacturing machines is also higher, so the use of hot air non-woven diapers will generally be more expensive. Although expensive, but the baby will be more comfortable to wear.

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