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Hot-rolled non-woven bag original leaf tea is the most popular

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-03-01
Compared with the popular tea bags, the hot-rolled non-woven fabrics are more selective in material selection, and environmental non-toxicity is the basic request. In order to increase the appreciation of tea, frivolous and transparent are also necessary.

At present, the most used packaging for creative tea bags is the non-woven fabric, which is a type of nylon. However, the difference with ordinary nylon is that non-woven fabrics can withstand low temperatures and can not be released under the low temperature of 100 degrees celsius toxic and hazardous substances, safe and environmentally friendly and can be degraded, there is no problem burned things difficult to handle. Followed by the entry-level food grade corn fiber, with the characteristics of non-woven almost. There is a more advanced is the use of silk tea bags, usually used in the entrance of high tea bags, such as some original imported brand tea bags, such as authentic Sri Lanka akbar black tea original Ceylon black tea and so on.

Tea bag made of the above three materials, are frivolous, tea can be seen in the gradual expansion of tea in the whole process can be advancing the appreciation of taste of tea.

The choice of hot rolled non-woven bags of tea match also doubles the diversity and fit of young people's stomach. Traditional popular tea set equipment to place the tea to break tea-based, quality is more difficult to protect, and embarrassing appreciation of fun, brewing uneven. Creative tea bags of tea to pursue the concept of the original cultivation and organic-based, the majority of the original leaves of the majority of tea, such as oolong, Pu'er, Jinjun Mei original leaves, and some also joined the lotus leaf, rose, tea, lemon, Bergamot, buckwheat and other new elements, soft or delicate taste, or strong, fresh and fresh.

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