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How to clean needled nonwoven fabric?

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How to clean needled nonwoven fabric?

2017-12-15 09:47:03
Needle punched nonwovens manufacturers learned that in daily life, if the home textiles glued grease or grease type of material, it will form oily stains, coupled with the grease easy to spread and the strong adsorption of dust, dirt will also be generated. Without treatment, the fabric soiled with grease will not be bright, both in terms of perception and physical health, are unfavorable. So how can we seize the first time, quick and easy get rid of oily stains? A few small coup can try.

Method One, the amount of corn starch covered in the oil stained area of ​​the textile, corn starch to fully absorb the oil between the fibers. After 15 minutes, the greasy corn starch is brushed into the bin with a brush, then the new corn starch is used until they can no longer absorb any greasy residue.

Method two, squeeze some liquid hand dishwashing detergent in the fabric of oil stains, to be infiltrated into the fiber when scrubbing with warm water, dishwashing liquid to separate oil and fabric, repeated scrubbing can solve the problem.

Method three, in forty-five degrees of warm water by adding detergent to drink a cup of white vinegar, white vinegar is a natural fat precipitation agent, can play the role of grease and fabric separation, is very conducive to our clean grease.

As a professional non-woven acupuncture manufacturers to remind the final drying of textiles is best to dry outdoors in the sun, if it is necessary to carry out the drying operation, we must ensure that grease is completely removed to enter the dryer, Otherwise, the heat from the dryer may make any oily stain a permanent mark, making any textile beautiful no longer.