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The production of nonwoven fabric by acupuncture is generally called needled nonwoven fabric

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-12-14
Acupuncture production of non-woven fabrics, the basic principle is: through a mechanical effect is complete, namely acupuncture puncture puncture needle effect, the fluffy fiber reinforced reinforcement and get together.

Triangular cross-section (or other cross-section) edge, will be barbed needle, repeatedly puncture the web. 

When the barbs pass through the web, the fibers inside and outside the web are forcibly pierced into the web. 

Due to the friction between the fibers, pattern acupuncture, loop acupuncture and tube acupuncture. 

Needle punched nonwoven form of the process is divided into: pre-thorn, the main thorn, compressed the original fluffy web. 

When the needles exit the web, the piercing strands remain in the web, so that many of the strands entangle the web so that it is no longer fluffy. 

After many acupuncture, a considerable number of fiber bundles are pierced into the fiber network, the fiber network entangled with each other to form a certain strength and thickness of needle punched nonwoven fabrics.