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How much do you know about non-woven tree planting bags?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-07-15
Non-woven tree planting bags are also arelatively new product. Because of their many advantages, they are especiallyfavored by the majority of seed farmers. So specifically, what are theadvantages of non-woven tree planting bags?

(1) The soil ball is very strong andstable. Because the tree planting bag(China Root Pouch Vendor) retains enough root system, the soil ballis smaller than normal, and the soil ball is not easy to soft when the plant istransplanted, especially in the long-term growth in sandy land. The effect ofthe plant is even more pronounced.

(2) The root of the plant is not easy togrow. Because the non-woven tree planting bag(Grow Bags Supplier) is made of strong polypropylenematerial, it has high strength, which can effectively prevent the roots ofplants from growing and surrounding, and also guarantees the roots. The benigngrowth of the ministry greatly reduces the chance of packing and promotes fullcontact between the roots and the ground.

(3) Transplantation is convenient andsuitable for all seasons. Plants grown in tree-planting bags do not penetrate under the roots. For small parts of the lateral roots, they can be easilyremoved with a cutting tool. Then you can transplant it. Since 90% of the rootsof plants grow in tree-planting bags for a long time, they are not affected bythe outside world, so they are suitable for transplanting in different seasons.

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(4) The success rate and quality of transplantation are improved. Traditional transplantation methods have agreater damage to the roots of plants, and even more than 90% of the parts needto be removed. However, it is possible to greatly reduce the tree planting bag.The damage in this way makes the plant transplant as intact as possible,without too much trimming of the plants, so that the survival rate and qualityare greatly improved.

(5)Reduced cultivation costs. Compared with ordinary planting containers, non-woven tree planting bags can save a lot of money forseedling farmers, such as potting soil and fertilization measures. Latertransplantation and maintenance are also easy to handle, and most people can doit using ordinary methods.

Advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan have already widely used environmentally-friendly tree-planting bags(beads) to cultivate a variety of flower and wood products, which are not only low-cost, high-efficiency, but also beautiful, breathable, moisturizing, andseedling roots. Complete, transplant survival rate of 100%, applied to the root-soil packaging of flower and tree transplant, perfect replacement oftraditional containers, is the most ideal green-green transplant weapon.Non-woven tree planting bag(Plant Bag Wholesale) is made of imported PP needle-punched non-woven fabric. It has light weight, high strength, excellent UV resistance, longdurability, good water permeability and breathability. It is the most advantageous gardening seedling industry. assistant. Mainly the beauty of thebag cloth is a little special, has excellent ventilation and drainage performance, and economical, with the effect of chemical water retention agentis even more powerful, according to the growth of seedlings, adjust the spacingat any time, easy to plastic pruning. Direct transplanting does not requirepotting, environmental protection and convenience, saving the packaging timeand labor costs of seedlings, greatly reducing the cost of transplant transportation. With these points, the US baggage cloth has risen step by stepin the industry.