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How does agricultural non-woven fabrics bring convenience to agricultural planting?

  • Release on:2020-10-09
In modern society, high technology develops rapidly, and technology can quickly be transformed into productivity and products. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are such products. It only began to enter human life in the 1970s. China was introduced from Japan in the 1980s. , Give full play to the great role of agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Ground Cover Factory) in China's agricultural production.

The so-called non-woven fabric is made of PP polypropylene through a special process. This manufacturing process does not require the weaving process of the cloth like spinning and weaving, but the fibers are bonded together to form a cloth.

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Non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover On Sales) are mostly made of short fibers or filaments through hot melt and other processes. The specific production technology is also diverse, but the general feature is that there is no need for weaving, that is, no need to interweave one by one fiber. Piece of cloth. Since non-woven fabrics are non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, easily degradable, have light permeability, heat preservation, moisture retention and other functions, they are very good for agriculture, so non-woven fabrics specially made for agriculture are called agricultural non-woven fabrics. Spinning cloth. Agricultural non-woven fabrics can be used for heat preservation in greenhouses, open-air cultivation, etc., such as cold protection, frost prevention, etc., and can also be used for fruit covering on trees to prevent birds, pests, etc. from attacking.

Agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Mat Company) can also be used to prevent high temperature from damaging crops and cover them, such as the hot sun in summer. After this kind of non-woven fabric is used in agriculture, if it is not used as waste, there is no need to deliberately or specially dispose of this kind of non-woven fabric, because they are easily degraded by themselves in the field or in the natural environment, and the degraded waste will not be The environment produces any harmful substances, but the use of plastic as a cover for crops will cause serious harm to the environment, because it takes 300 years for a plastic bag to degrade.