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How does agricultural non-woven fabric benefit agricultural planting?

  • Release on:2020-10-12
Because non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Supplier) are non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, easily degradable, have light permeability, heat preservation, moisture retention and other functions, they are very good for agriculture. Therefore, non-woven fabrics specially made for agriculture are called agricultural non-woven fabrics. Spinning cloth.

Agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Ground Cover Company) can be used for heat preservation in greenhouses, open-air cultivation, etc., such as cold protection, frost prevention, etc., and can also be used for fruit covering on trees to prevent birds, pests, etc.

Agricultural Covering Nonwovens  Supplier, Agriculture Mat Factory, Agricultural Ground Cover CompanyAgricultural Covering Nonwovens  Supplier, Agriculture Mat Factory, Agricultural Ground Cover Company

Agricultural non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Mat Factory) can also be used to cover crops to prevent damage to crops caused by high temperatures, such as the hot sun in summer.

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