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How do polypropylene nonwovens be applied to buildings?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-04-26
The air separation membrane is a materialused to enhance the airtightness and watertightness of a building. It slows the water vapor rate in the concrete structure and the indoor moisture to thein sulation layer, prevents condensation from forming, protects the thermal properties and structure of the insulation material, and reduces theconstruction. Energy consumption. The air separation membrane is laid on thepedestal to enhance the water tightness of the building and prevent indoor moisturefrom penetrating into the insulation layer without being eroded. It can be usedwith a waterproof breathable membrane above the insulation to achieve excellentmoisture resistance on the wall or roof, and the moisture inside the enclosurecan be smoothly discharged through the waterproof breathable membrane(Geotextile Fabric Wholesale) toprotect its thermal properties. The outer casing structure is used for energysaving purposes.

The air separation membrane(China Geotextile Manufacturer) as the airseparation layer is disposed inside the composite outer wall, and can be usedin combination with the waterproof moisture permeable membrane or usedindependently. The diaphragm is suitable for heating buildings with airseparation requirements as well as industrial equipment for the textile and food processing industries.

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In the United States, a general air barrierfilm and a waterproof gas permeable film are used at the same time, an airbarrier film is used for the inner insulation layer, and a waterproof gaspermeable film(Highway Nonwovens On Sales) is located outside the insulation layer. Separators are alsowidely used in Germany, and according to statistics, more than 80% of buildingswill use diaphragms. In China, the use of partition walls on the wall isrelatively small, mainly concentrated in the following two types of buildings:

Roof: A gas separation membrane isinstalled in the middle of a two-layer steel structure in a steel structure workshop; or a steel wall, and an insulation layer is installed in the middleof the diaphragm.

Buildings have large temperature differences, such as refrigeration.

The simplest windproof membrane is made ofa polypropylene spunbonded hot rolled nonwoven fabric sandwiched between alayer of waterproofing film composite. External nonwovens need to have UVresistance.