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Do you know non woven fabric for building cladding?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-04-25
Under the premise of rational use of energy, building energy conservation is to improve energy efficiency and improve building comfort. For most buildings, heating and cooling stations consume more than half of the energy. Through effective insulation, energy consumption and electricity demand can be reduced, there by reducing carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions.

The key to effective insulation is to enhance the airtightness and water tightness of the building. The European and American architectural circles have begun to use a layer of gas film widely, laying on the insulation layer, and the entire building is covered, thus effectively strengthening the airtightness and watertightness of the building. However, due to the impermeability of the diaphragm, condensation of moisture in the exterior walls and roof of the building will severely affect the performance of the insulating material(Geotextile Fabric On Sales) and the durability of the building envelope.

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Therefore, a waterproof and breathable film(China Geotextile Factory) with better performance has been invented. Its main functions include: 1) breathability. It removes water vapor from the maintenance system, solves condensation and dew problems, protects the insulation and prevents moisture. 2) Air tightness. It is used to maintain the structure, cover the building, enhance the airtightness of the building, and reduce the heat loss caused by air leakage and convection. 3) Water tightness. It has a certain auxiliary waterproof function.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology studied the impact of building airtightness on the energy consumption of commercial buildings. The results show that buildings with waterproof breathable membranes to enhance air tightness can save up to 40% in heating and cooling costs compared to buildings(Highway Nonwovens Wholesale) without waterproof breathable membranes.