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Hot Rolled Non Woven Fabric For Tea Bag Fabric

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Hot Rolled Non Woven Fabric For Tea Bag Fabric

2019-01-08 10:03:12
Hot rolled non woven fabric for tea bag fabric

The hot-rolled non woven fabric(China Tea Bag Factory) is compared with the popular tea bag, and the creative flower bag is more particular about the choice of materials. The environmental protection and non-toxicity are the root request, and in order to increase the appreciation of the tea, the frivolity and transparency are also necessary.

China Tea Bag Factory, Nonwoven Tea Bag Manufacturer, Tea Bag VendorChina Tea Bag Factory, Nonwoven Tea Bag Manufacturer, Tea Bag Vendor

The most widely used packaging material(Nonwoven Tea Bag Manufacturer) for creative tea bags is the imported non woven fabric, which is a kind of nylon. However, unlike the popular nylon, the non woven fabric(Tea Bag Vendor) can withstand low temperature, and it will not be released under the low temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Toxic and harmful substances, environmentally friendly and degradable, there is no problem of difficult to deal with burning materials. The second is the imported food grade in addition to corn fiber, which is similar to non woven fabrics. There is also a more advanced use of silk tea bags, which are used in the entrance of high-grade tea bags, such as some original imported brand tea bags, such as authentic Sri Lanka akbar black tea original imported Ceylon black tea.

The tea bags made of the above three materials are light and transparent, and the tea can be seen in the whole process of gradually stretching the tea in the tea, and the tea can be tasted and appreciated.