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Four-point technical features of non-woven fabrics

  • Release on:2019-11-08
The high speed of non-woven fabrics intoday's world is determined by many factors. But the more important thing isthe technical characteristics of the non-woven engineering. The technical characteristics of non-woven fabrics are summarized as follows.

1. The raw materials used in the nonwoven fabric(China Spunbond Polypropylene Fabric Factory) can be used in addition to the raw materials used in the textile industry. Various raw materials that cannot be used in the textile industry canalso be used. Rough and hard, fine and soft, and some extremely short wastefibers and recycled fibers of non-textile value can be used. Some inorganicfibers, metal fibers, such as glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphite fibers,stainless steel fibers, etc., which are difficult to process on textileequipment, can also be processed into industrial nonwoven fabrics by a nonwovenmethod. Some new chemical fibers, such as high temperature resistant fibers,microfibers, certain functional fibers, etc., are difficult to process ontextile equipment, and are used in the nonwovens industry to produce a varietyof highly applicable nonwoven fabrics. product.

2. The process is simple, the aerodynamic productivity is high, the traditional textile industry, the process is prosperous,and the process of the non-woven industry is short. In particular, the spunbonded nonwoven fabric(PP Spunbond Nonwoven Supplier) has a much shorter process than the conventional textile process. Compared with traditional textiles, the output of non-woven fabrics has doubled and labor productivity has increased significantly. Due tothe short production process of the non-woven fabric, the product changesquickly and the cycle is short and the quality is easy to control.

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3. High production speed and high production rate The production speed is closely related to the output. Thegeneral production speed is high and the output is high. Compared with traditional textiles, the relative production speed of non-woven fabrics isabout (100~2000):1, and the width of non-woven fabrics can reach about 4m.Therefore, yields far exceed the traditional textile industry.

4. There are many process changes, and there are many processing methods for non-woven fabrics, and the process ofeach method can be changed. Various processing methods can be combined witheach other to form a new production process.

From the non-woven finishing technology,the process changes more, such as printing, dyeing, coating, lamination,ginning and so on. Different properties of the coating, applied to thenon-woven fabric will give the non-woven fabric different properties, that is,the development of a new product. In addition, non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Polypropylene Roll Wholesale) can belaminated with other fabrics to produce a wide variety of new products.

As for the use of non-woven fabrics, it canbe said that from aerospace technology to daily life, from industry toagriculture, it is almost everywhere. Some products have become an indispensable engineering material for various industries.