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Does the non-woven seedling bag have an effect on the growth of passion fruit seedlings?

  • Release on:2019-11-07
Passion fruit seedling containers,non-woven seedling bags(Seedling Bag Supplier) are common. Due to its light weight, low cost,convenient transportation, and rapid degradation requirements, it has not beenused for cupping and has been used by many seedlings. But what effect does theseedling bag of non-woven fabric have on the growth of passion fruit?

When transplanting seedlings, many seedling merchants recommend not to open the bag to grow them directly. Somehigh-quality non-woven seedling bags are not easy to tear, and the cup-shapedsoil is easy to spread, causing root damage. Some growers are also worried that not tearing will affect root growth, so it is in a dilemma! Therefore, somepeople found that the planting time was not long, and the seedlings(Non Woven Nursery Bag On Sales) were dugout and replanted.

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In the seedling stage of passion fruit,some of the tender roots cannot be pierced through the bag and cannot be fully stretched, which will affect the growth rate. Seedling bags made from bottom less nonwovens grow faster than seedling bags made from bottomless fabrics.

Sampling and root excavation surveys were carried out on a passionate orchard planted for one year. It was found that the non-woven seedling bags(China Nursery Bag Wholesale) were almost not degraded, and the main roots could begrown through the bag. The survival rate was not a problem but it had asignificant binding effect on the roots and was not developed. Some roots,which have a certain effect on the growth of passion fruit.

Personal suggestion: Choose the developed root system, strong and strong passion fruit seedlings, if you choose to plant non-woven bag seedlings, cut the bag carefully after tearing or planting, keepthe cup soil and root intact, but if the roots of the passion fruit seedlingsare not Ok, tear and find the cup soil, bare root formation, but it is notconducive to the growth of seedlings.