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Do you know what is non-woven mulch?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-01-23
Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection material, which belongs to degradable material, and can be recycled. It does not release harmful gases when burning, nor does it have any residual substances. It is internationally recognized as an environmental protection product to protect the earth's environment. It has the characteristics of good air permeability, strong toughness, non-toxicity, odorless, non-combustion, and can be adapted to different occasions by adding water-repellent or hydrophilic materials to meet the production needs of different environments such as greenhouse(Agricultural Shade Cloth Company) or outdoor fields.

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Non-woven plastic film(Agriculture Cover Supplier) can inhibit the growth of weeds, thereby reducing labor costs for weeding and the impact of herbicide use on orchard ecological environment. Experiments show that mulching black non-woven fabric film has a very good weeding effect. When the grass germinates, because of the very low transmittance of black non-woven fabric, the unearthed weeds can hardly accept the sunlight, which directly leads to their inability to photosynthesis, normal synthesis of organic matter necessary for life activities, and eventually death. No mulching(Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Wholesale) requires 4-5 times of artificial weeding, the early period of mulching black plastic film does not grow grass, after the late period of film damage, long grass appears, covering non-woven black plastic film, only when the mulching is not strict or when the soil is cultivated, need to be cleared 1-2 times. It is noteworthy that malignant weeds growing between rows should be removed while fruit trees are covered. When the remaining weeds grow to 50 cm, they should be mowed manually or mechanically in time, 3-4 times a year, which is very helpful for soil improvement.