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Comparison between non-woven mulch and plastic mulch

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Comparison between non-woven mulch and plastic mulch

2019-01-24 11:38:36

Compared with the plastic mulch film, the non-woven fabric has good gas permeability, can maintain the good respirationof the roots of the fruit trees, promote the growth and metabolism of theroots, and prevent root rot caused by anaerobic respiration, etc. The growth ofcoverage is obviously better.

Due to the large amount of light radiation absorbed by the non-woven fabric(Non Woven Mulch Supplier) and the effect of heat preservation, the ground temperature of the orchard can be increased by 2-3 °C. When the outside temperatureis low in early spring or late autumn, the increase of ground temperature can significantly promote the vitality of roots of fruit trees, enhance the growth of roots, maintain the absorption of water and inorganic salts by roots and the storage rate of organic matter in roots. At the same time, the increase of ground temperature can prolong the activity time of microorganisms in the soil,increase the decomposition and release of nutrients, effectively improve thenutrient absorption level of fruit trees, and provide sufficient nutrients for the safe wintering of fruit trees and the growth of the next year.

Non Woven Mulch Supplier, Agricultural Covering Nonwovens  Factory,  Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses ManufacturerNon Woven Mulch Supplier, Agricultural Covering Nonwovens  Factory,  Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Manufacturer

At the same time, the orchard covering non-woven fabric(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Factory) can effectively maintain the soil moisture, reduce the adverse effects of drought on the growth of fruit trees, reduce the frequency ofwatering, and the moisture in the soil is relatively flat, which is conduciveto maintaining a good growth environment for fruit trees and enhancing resistance to disease.

Non-woven mulch film has the advantages oftraditional film heating, moisture protection, grass protection(Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Manufacturer), etc. It has the unique advantages of being breathable, permeable and degradable, and its manufacturing process is simple, the service life is controllable,environmental protection and pollution-free, in modern agriculture. There will be broad development and application prospects.