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Do you know the ecological weeding cloth for vineyards?

  • Release on:2020-08-26
For the grape growers, the weeds in the vineyard are very troublesome. It takes a lot of labor to hoe with a hoe. Weeding(Weed Barrier Mat Manufacturer) with herbicides has problems of one kind or another in practical applications. Some rotten leaves do not die, and the quick-acting effect is not long-lasting. After ten days, the grass regenerates and is difficult to remove; some have good weeding effects but are systemic. Stronger, it will cause the roots of fruit trees to rot. In any case, excessive use of herbicides will cause soil yellowing, heavy metal residues in the soil, soil formation, and damage to the soil ecology.

Garden Weed Fabric Factory, Weed Barrier Mat Manufacturer, Ground Control Fabric WholesaleGarden Weed Fabric Factory, Weed Barrier Mat Manufacturer, Ground Control Fabric Wholesale   

Eco-weeding cloth(Garden Weed Fabric Factory) can solve this problem well. Eco-weeding cloth(Ground Control Fabric Wholesale) is made of non-woven fabrics, which are environmentally friendly materials. This kind of ecological weeding cloth has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It has obvious advantages:

1. The weeding effect is good. After covering with black weeding cloth, ground weeds are hard to develop due to insufficient light, almost unable to carry out photosynthesis, let alone wear high-strength weeding cloth.

2. Strong fertility retention capacity: The soil covered with black weeding cloth will keep the organic matter in a normal cycle due to stable soil temperature changes.

3. Good water retention capacity: after covering, slow down the loss of soil water dispersion.

4. Breathable and permeable: good water permeability can be directly fertilized with water-soluble fertilizer. Good air permeability can maintain the normal breathing of the soil and will not cause plants to burn roots.

5. Non-toxic, harmless and degradable: it does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and will not poison the soil. It is also possible to add anti-aging agents to adjust or delay the degradation time according to the use time to reduce the use cost.