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Bathroom non-woven products

2020-08-28 14:58:54
Let's face it, the bathroom has not received much attention. But with this in mind, of course we spend some time in the bathroom every day! Non-woven products abound in the bathroom, and there is always more room.

Below is a list of seven nonwoven products(Nonwoven Wipes Supplier) that you can find in any bathroom (some of them may surprise you!).

Hygiene Wipes Company, Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer, Nonwoven Wipes SupplierHygiene Wipes Company, Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer, Nonwoven Wipes Supplier

1. Disposable wipes(Hygiene Wipes Company). This is an easy-to-find non-woven product. They may be washable or non-washable (please check the packaging!). There are even wet wipes for specific purposes: cleaning wipes, makeup remover wipes, personal cleansing wipes and baby wipes. Depending on the purpose, these wipes will get wet and can be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfumes.

2. Bandage. Many people keep first aid kits in the bathroom. These non-woven fabrics can provide a certain degree of stretchability, breathability, and can be like cloth.

3. Shower curtain. There are non-woven curtains specially used for showers. These are generally considered as hydrophobic as possible.

4. Bathroom curtains. Non-woven heading tape is usually used between the lining and the fabric to increase crispness and maintain wrinkles.

5. Ceiling. The ceiling can have a smooth non-woven fabric veil, which can be used for the bathroom ceiling waterproof. This is especially common in hotels, hospitals and even restaurants.

6. Shower cap. Disposable shower caps can be made of cheap and convenient non-woven materials.

7. Wallpaper. The design of the non-woven wallpaper makes it both washable and breathable. Therefore, the airlock has less chance of producing mold and mildew.

All we see everywhere are non-woven fabrics(Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer). Manufacturers and processors must not only understand the existing market, but even look to the future to see what products can be improved or even developed to meet the needs of future homeowners and building owners. Non-woven fabric has a place in every room in every building!