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Do you know the application of nonwovens in the hygiene product market?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-04-17
We all know that the number of nonwovens used in the hygiene products market is very large. So, what types of nonwovens do you know are used in the hygienic product market? At present, non-woven fabrics for disposable personal care hygiene products mainly include spunbonded fabrics, spunmelt fabrics, carded hot air fabrics, hot-rolled fabrics and spunlace fabrics, and also have chemical bonding methods and pulp air-laid webs. Do the material for the diversion layer and absorber layer.

In the Chinese market, sanitary napkins and other hygiene products use hot air non-woven fabrics, followed by carding into webs, hot-rolled cloths, and spunbonded fabrics. In addition to conforming to the preference factors for the application of hot air cloths in Asia, the softness and bulkiness of hot air buffs are also an important reason for the user's comfort. In particular, due to fluffiness, the hot air cloth reduces the contact area between the cloth and the skin, and gives the user a more dry feeling. At the same time, products made of sanitary napkins made of pure cotton fiber through a web-forming hydroentanglement process have also recently emerged, which is in line with the trend towards natural and environmentally friendly products.

So, do you know which health products consume more non-woven fabrics? The answer is diapers.

Baby diapers account for the main part of baby diapers. At present, most of the materials used for the surface layer are SS, SSS, multi-layer spunbond nonwovens, composite spunmelt fabrics and hot air non-woven fabrics, etc. The back layer can also use the above materials and film composite materials. In terms of consumption, there are more SS and SMS materials, but a certain percentage also uses hot air cloth. With the continuous development of spunbonding and finishing technologies, spunbond fabrics can now be processed softer than hot air cloths, with lower basis weight, higher efficiency and lower cost. In particular, SMS's anti-leakage function is carded into webs. Non-woven fabrics are not easily replaced, so they have been more widely used in the field of paper diapers in recent years.

Adult incontinence products still use more cheaper spunbonds, which involves a consumption concept. Adult incontinence products, including diapers, disposable diapers, and nursing pads, are still price-oriented, and market demand is still limited to economical products with basic functions. Consumers pay more attention to the price of a single product rather than the overall cost-effectiveness. Therefore, adult incontinence products are still at an early stage of development and at a lower level. The development and promotion of new materials and technologies are functional and user-friendly. In the high-end products, it is necessary to carry out the necessary education and guidance for the relevant consumer groups.

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