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Do you know the advantages of non-woven fabrics for rice seedlings?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2019-04-08
Rice seedlings are usually used for thermalinsulation covering agricultural film (plastic film), and the insulationperformance is good, but the bed temperature rises rapidly, the temperature difference between day and night is large, it requires frequent ventilation,time-consuming work, and it is difficult to control the temperature of seedlings to be short or moderate. There is a phenomenon of uniform high-temperature baking seedlings, poor quality, and green deaths such asblight. Therefore, many regions have begun to explore the use of non-woven seedlings(China Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Supplier), which can effectively provide better light, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions for rice seedling growth, and achieve the purpose of seedlings and seedlings. Let's talk about the characteristics ofrice non-woven seedlings(Non Woven Mulch Wholesale) and the problems that need attention.

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Characteristics of using non-woven riceseedlings(Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Factory)

1, both heat and ventilation, seedling body temperature changes slowly, seedlings strong, in the roots, stems thick, plantsare not high asthma.

2, saving time and effort, non-woven paving seedlings to reduce watering, ventilation and seedling operations. Since the nonwoven fabric itself has gas permeability, the temperature is buffered smoothly and the bed temperature is uniform.

3. Reduce pests and diseases, especially pests, and reduce environmental pollution caused by pesticides.

4, low cost of use, easy to recycle,non-woven fabric can be used 2-3 times continuously, reducing the pollution ofthe agricultural film to the environment.

5, the non-woven seedlings have a highseedling rate, the seedling stage is slow after transplanting, the tilleringrate is high, and the heading rate is high, which is conducive to high yield.

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