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Do you know what preparations you need to prepare for the rice cover?

  • Author:Junqian nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-04-10
Rice seedlings covered with non-woven fabrics require seed treatment, field selection, sow disinfection and acid adjustment, and sowing and sowing methods are not significantly different from dry rice seedlings. The main difference is that after seeding, the film coverage is changed to the non-woven fabric coating, and the coating methods are different indifferent regions.

If you plant in Tianjin in early April, because low temperature requires double-layer coverage, first coat a layer of plastic film and then add a layer of non-woven fabric. The specific method is to place the plastic film on the seedling plate. There is no mud around, non-woven fabric, soil compaction; when the temperature is high, choose the nonwoven cover or arch cover.

In some parts of Liaoning, the meeting spread on the surface of the bed as the surface of the bed, which is more than the ultrafine plastic film that grows in bed to raise temperature and hydration, promote early seedlings, seedlings fast and increase the seed rate. In some places in Jiangsu province, low-temperature nonwoven fabrics are covered with plastic insulation. Regardless of which plastic film or plastic film is kept warm, the film needs to be opened immediately after the appearance of the molt.

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Using nonwoven seedlings

1, the use of non-woven seedlings, due to a temperature should be placed on the non-woven plastic film or first covered with plastic film, and then add a layer of non-woven insulation, behind the green head look 1 sheet 1 heart, from the movie Takeout.

2, non-woven fabric covers the permeability to gas, pay attention to waterproof, usually pour the water within 7-10days after watering, after repairing the water half-ditch, the surface can not be watered. The cover should not be too tight, otherwise the number of seedlings will affect seedling growth.

3, non-woven fabric cover, on the one hand can reduce the occurrence of seedling diseases, on the other hand, hinder the damage of the pest, but can not prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases, should pay attention to field observation, timely prevention and pest management.

4, before transplanting, you should open the cloth in time, or open the cloth in time around the 3 leaves of the seedlings to the 4 leaves. Once you discover the non-woven fabric, it should be dressed according to the growth of the seedlings.