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Do you know what will lead to static electricity in needle punched nonwoven fabrics?

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Do you know what will lead to static electricity in needle punched nonwoven fabrics?

2018-05-03 17:20:15
Do you know? The problem of electrostatic generation during the production of needle punched nonwoven fabrics is mainly due to the low moisture content in the air when contacting fibers and clothing.

Moreover, the generation of electrostatic problems can be divided into many situations. The weather is too dry and the humidity is not enough. There is no fiber in oil and no antistatic agent. Because of the low moisture regain of polyester cotton, the lack of antistatic agent results in static electricity during production. Fiber oil content is low, electrostatic agent relative content is small, also can produce static electricity. And there are oil parts on polyester cotton, the reason why the oil does not contain water is because of the special molecular structure of the oil, so relative, during production, it will be easier, static electricity, usually the slip of hand feel, the ratio of static electricity, the more slippery cotton, the bigger the static electricity, and the method of preventing the static electricity, in addition to the production room, Besides humidification, feeding cotton stage can effectively eliminate oil-free cotton, which is also an important work. All of these causes the problem of static electricity.

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