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What are the advantages of anti-uv non-woven fabrics?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-05-04
Anti-UV (anti-aging) non-woven fabrics provide excellent protection for seeds, crops and soil, preventing soil erosion, insect damage, bad weather and damage caused by weeds, helping ensure a good harvest in each season. Whether it is vineyards, crops or tropical fruit crops. The use of high-performance materials and technologies can exactly meet the current needs of agriculture, such as: anti-aging, widening, enhanced edge and break (easily tear).

Anti-uv non-woven fabric advantages:

1, high burst strength;
2, excellent durability;
3, good uniformity;
4, durable anti-aging;
5, to help moisture penetration;
6, frost protection;
7, consider light;
8, environmental protection;
9, a variety of weight, width and color for different purposes.
Why is the survival rate of anti-uv non-woven fabric containers high, and the growth of trees is significantly better than plastic container seedlings? Anti-UV non-woven container seedlings have no tangled phenomenon, and they also have a strange effect: once the seedlings enter the soil, they will grow directly and avoid the seedlings. If the seedlings have the callus formed after the air cutting roots, they will be soiled. Explosive rooting, while the top part of the ground directly long. This is what other types of containers have so far failed to do. These exposed the outer wall of the container and formed the root section of the callus, and the internal supply of nutrients continued to form a physiological state ready to go. In the new concept of nursery, this root-end callus is more favorable than the formation of complex root groups.

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