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Did you know that non-woven fabrics are rainproof?

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Did you know that non-woven fabrics are rainproof?

2019-12-23 10:17:06
On rainy days, many farmers are worried that the crops they plant will be affected by rain, which will reduce yields,so they will be covered with a layer of non-woven fabric. Generally speaking,this type of fabric has more functions, so does it have a rainproof effect?

1. Pour a layer of cement slurry on the non-woven fabric(Agricultural Fabric On Sales) on the back slope of the greenhouse to make it more rain-proof. Which principles are used?

Splashing cement slurry on the non-woven fabric(Agricultural Shade Cloth Supplier) can make the cement slurry penetrate into its small holes, and connect them into a sheet after drying to enhance the resistance to rain erosion. The dried cement will also form a protective layer on the surface of the non-woven fabric and enhance its Sun resistance.

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2. Note: When pouring cement slurry onto non-woven fabrics, it is strictly forbidden to use it when the temperature is high on a sunny day, because at that time, the water in the cement slurryquickly evaporates, so that the cement cannot be connected into a sheet on its surface, and the solidification strength of the cement is reduce.

Manufacturer's suggestion: On cloudy days,or on a sunny afternoon, when the sun sets, the temperature is low, the amount of water evaporated is small, and cement slurry is poured.

Therefore, in rainy days, non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Supplier) can still reflect its rain-proof effect. In agricultural production, it is a non-industrial fabric that is of ten used. It is an indispensable fabric for promoting crop production.