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Do you know the seams of non woven fabrics?

  • Release on:2019-12-20
Some non-woven fabrics are not long enough,and it just needs to be used in some relatively large applications. Through theseams, the stitching between the cloth and the cloth can be achieved. In thisway, there is no need to re-select the fabric. Several methods:

1. Lapping method: It is applied to non-woven seams(PP Spunbond Nonwoven Manufacturer) with thinner thickness in some less important small projects.

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2. Pasting method: When filament is used for hot bonding, adhesive can be used for bonding, and the seam can be stitched by using the method of leaving the overlap edge.

3. Welding method: The core layer of non-woven fabric(PP Non Woven Material Vendor) is mainly welded by automatic wedge-type double-weld welding machine. The quality of the seam can be checked by inflation. The overlap widthis selected according to the welding equipment. Welding machine can be used for complex parts or local repair .

Appropriate seam method can make a reasonable connection between several non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Polypropylene Wholesale), reduce the gap between the cloth and the cloth, solve the problem of insufficient length of the cloth,can make it cover more comprehensively, and give play to the Effect.